4 Things To Know About Gutter Guards

installing gutter guardsIf you’ve never looked into gutter guards for your property before, there is no wrong time to start. Gutter guards help to protect your gutter systems from the debris that accumulates to cause clogs, and they may be added onto any existing gutter system.

Learning a bit more about gutter guards can help homeowners and business owners to see what they’re all about, and to see if they’re a sound investment for the long-term property protection. The top 4 things to know about gutter guards are:

1. What are gutter guards made of? – Gutter guards we use at Mr. Gutter are made from a combination of steel mesh and aluminum framing. The framing attaches the gutter guards to the gutter system, while the steel mesh layer is used to allow water in, but keeps debris out.

Debris like pine needles and leaves will sit on top of the mesh gutter guard during a storm, and will typically blow away when the weather returns to normal.