Can You DIY Your Gutter Guard Installation?

a clogged gutter that needs gutter guards installedFor homeowners that have been considering gutter guards, DIYing the project can be a tempting thought. After all, if you DIY your gutter guards you save on installation and you can still get the protection your gutters need from everyday debris.

While DIYing your gutter guard installation might seem simple, it is actually a more complex project than you may think. In addition, doing it incorrectly can wind up costing you quite a bit more in the long run.

Your gutter system plays an important role in the health and safety of your home. The main job of your gutters is to catch water during storms and showers and to take that water and whisk it away from your property. The movement of the water stops pooling, and it ensures that your foundation is not in contact with pooling moisture that leads to leaks, mold growth, or worse.

Gutter failure can cause thousands of dollars in damages, and many do not realize just how important their gutters are until it is too late.