Gutter Repairs

Gutter RepairsRe-Fastening Gutters

It is not uncommon to find with old gutter systems that screws, nails, or spikes have come loose. Luckily, this doesn’t always mean your getter needs to be replaced; rather you simply need to have your gutter re-fastened using new screws and hangers to extend the life of the gutter.

TIP: The most common way gutters become loose is when they are holding too much weight! Make sure to have your gutters checked and cleaned at least once a year to ensure the longevity of your system!

An even better solution is to have us install our micro mesh gutter guards. This way your gutters will never get clogged and won’t need to be cleaned.

Re-Securing Downspouts

If your downspout has become loose or crooked, it doesn’t always need to be replaced. Many times it can be straightened and re-secured using new clips or straps.

Re-Locating Downspouts

Have you had a new deck or patio installed? Is water from a downspout freezing on your walkway in the winter? Re-locating a downspout may be your most cost affective option.

TIP: It is often the case that when you re-locate your downspout, you may also have to re-pitch your gutter to make sure water is getting to it!

Re-Pitching Gutters

Re-pitching guttersIs water not making it to your downspout? If so, your gutter may not have been installed properly, or the pitch may have been affected over time. Call Mr. Gutter to find out the best option for re-pitching your gutters!

Replacing Downspouts and Elbows

Often times when downspouts and the elbows on them become old, they will begin to loose their shine, or the paint that was once on them will begin to peel off. In addition, over time, in high traffic areas, downspouts can easily become dented. If you are tired of looking at your old downspouts, but aren’t ready for a new gutter system, ask about replacing the ones you have.

Re-Sealing Seams and End Caps

Over many years and seasons the sealant used in your gutters will naturally deteriorate. If you have seams or end caps leaking call Mr. Gutter to get an estimate on having your gutters re-sealed!

Re-Sealing Wood Gutters

Re-Sealing Wood GuttersMaking sure the inside of your wood gutters is sealed is incredibly important to maintaining your wood gutters. If not properly sealed, the wood will begin to rot and lead to a costly repair. Call Mr. Gutter today to ask about re-coating and sealing your wood gutters!

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