Gutter Cleaning

Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

Perhaps the best way to ensure the longevity of your gutter system is by having your gutters regularly cleaned. The frequency of gutter cleaning required for your home depends on the amount of trees around your home, and whether or not you have any gutter guards installed. Some homes can go 10 years without having their gutters cleaned while others need twice a year cleaning – spring and fall.

Keeping the gutters clean on your home increases the lifespan of your gutters in many ways. When you have clogged downspouts, the leaves, debris, and water will build up in weight, and cause your gutter to pull away from your home. This will lead to your system needing to be refastened to keep it up. Next, when you have sitting water in your gutters it causes the bottom of your gutter to corrode faster, leading to the formation of holes in your gutter, which will require replacement.

Cleaning your gutters regularly is not only good for your gutter system, but also for your home. A clogged gutter system can lead to rotted fascia boards, leaks into your ceiling, basement leaks, and many more issues. Make sure to have your gutters cleaned before bigger issues are created!

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