ice formation in gutterWinter is usually a challenging time for most homeowners. The damaging effects of this season can present themselves in infinite ways. Snow and ice removal from your gutters is critical if you want to prevent issues that cause permanent property damage. Heavy ice loads in your gutters can strain your roof structure.

Frozen gutters can create long-lasting problems on your roof. If you overlook a frozen gutter issue, you may be forced to part ways with lots of cash to repair and restore your roof and gutters. Remember, melting snow on your roof has nowhere to go if your gutters are frozen.

Removing Ice Dams

Removing ice from your gutters can help prevent leaks and mold growth. You may experience significant moisture problems if ice dams clog your drainage system. Moisture can sneak beneath the shingles in your home, leading to mold growth. This may be costly to remedy once your house is infested with mold.

Your frozen gutters may be the reason why you have drywall and plaster damage. Excessive moisture brought about by ice dams can cause cracks and crumbles in your drywalls. This, in turn, causes severe interior damage.

Your attic insulation may be at risk if you don’t remove ice from your gutters. Damage to insulation during the winter season may force you to pay higher heating bills. Frozen gutters can interfere with your home’s energy efficiency, pushing your utility bills higher. Damage to insulation also forces your heating system to work harder than necessary to raise your home’s temperature.

Too much snow on your roof can potentially cause your roof to collapse. This more so applies to old roofs. Removing ice from your gutters can deal with roof strain. Don’t let ice dams on your roof affect its load-bearing capacity.

Hiring gutter installation and cleaning specialists for gutter ice dam removal is the best way to deal with roof strain. Preventing the formation of ice dams is the safest and most effective method to deal with frozen gutters. Through appropriate care and maintenance of your roof and gutters, you can avoid most ice dams.

If you notice any frozen gutters, leave the removal of ice to the pros. Contact Mr. Gutter today if you have a frozen gutter problem. Don’t embark on DIY ice dam removal projects that may cause extensive roof damage.

Sagging gutters, bulging gutters, blocked downspouts, and thick ice layers on your gutters are telltale signs that you should enlist the professional gutter ice removal services of Mr. Gutter.